About Us

Immunetra is a professional skin care company based in Thailand catering to the local Thai  spa market as well as the international spa industry. We incorporate a philosophy of Beauty and Protection in our product concepts. Inspired by the Blood Type diet by Dr. Peter D’Adamo we developed skin care products that are in sync with the idea of Dr. D’Adamo.

The Thai ingredients and nutrients in our products are blood type specific to boost the power of the immune system. Every product comes in 3 different ingredient mixtures tailored to the 4 common blood types.

immunetra’s founders have a decade of experience in the spa skin care products industry.We pride ourselves with producing high quality products that have been clinically tested by independent laboratories. All our ingredients are of high quality and are guaranteed Paraben-free.

Our Concept

about-us_01Current spa trends have changed directions from formerly only being about pampering towards wellness and lifestyle changes. Our product line incorporates the sensual experience of receiving spa treatment and ingredients that contribute to a healthier lifestyle. The idea is not only to do your skin and mental well being a favor but to boost your health at the same time.

The heart of every product is founded in immunetra’s unique approach that is based on blood type specific nutrients and ingredients. The idea of blood type specific treatments is the cornerstone of immunetra’s lifestyle concept and has been created to nourish the skin and boosting physical health. Offering an unparalleled experience, unique massage sequences combined with potent actives , ensures that visible results are achieved in terms of skin improvement and overall health.

What we offer
We offer a full selection of body and facial treatment products that include:

  • Aroma Therapy Essential Oil
  • Massage Oils
  • Body Scrubs
  • Massage Gels
  • Body Masks
  • Body Baths
  • Elemental Body Stamp
  • Aromatic Herbal Steam Pack

small immunetragroupherbal stamp

High quality treatment products are only effective if they come with the right training. At immunetra we emphasize the importance of customer care. We provide extensive after sales service which includes:

Training and After Sales Service

  • Skin & Blood Type Analysis Skills
  • Product Knowledge
  • Massage Techniques for Therapist
  • Body & Facial Treatment Procedures
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Sales Techniques
  • Seminar with Dermatologists

Our Customers
We specialize in supplying luxurious spas with our innovative product line who are interested in following global spa trends. Our customers understand the changing dynamics of the spa business and the increasing trend towards wellness and lifestyle.

We pride ourselves in offering intensive after care service. Building a longlasting relationship is a top priority at immunetra and, therefore, we offer the best and most personalized service out there.